As I sit here over lunch on my first day back from vacation I am thinking of ying and yang.   The balance we experience in many things.  Vacation is so relaxing yet towards the end we experience sadness and a slight anxiousness as we anticipate those 1000 emails we’ll encounter on Monday, the mail to open at home, the empty refrigerator and the projects you ignored as you prepared to leave.  Ying and Yang.


We need these vacations to sustain us at work.  It helps me look at things in a more positive manner after visiting new and old places at our usual Door County destination.   It allows for time to reflect on new goals for the coming months.   For my family it always involves a dream…the dream of having our own cottage again.  We are going on four years now without a permanent vacation spot.  There is good and bad in not having a cottage.   Ying and Yang.  The positive is we have experienced many new places and set new traditions.  I believe it helps us grow by changing things up in location and tradition.   But the negative is losing that settled familiarity you experience in going to your very own cottage.   Perhaps in visiting Door County over the last few years we are now establishing THIS as our new “cottage.”  In returning to our favorite beaches, restaurants and shops we are establishing new traditions.

Ying and yang is about balance.  On vacation, we tend to splurge a little in many areas (sleep, food, shopping!)  One of my new goals is to put the vacation eating in balance with a new program.  I do not do well with overwhelming goals so I decided to tackle this in little bits.   For the next three days I am tracking my food and trying to eat healthier.  I’m 1.5 days in to this new goal and it’s going very well!  After the three days I plan to reassess and set a new set of goals.  Baby steps!

Thanks for reading,  Mama Falcon

Door County Traditions:

Old – Stay at the Landmark, Nicolet Bay, the Dunes, On Deck, The Chocolate Chicken, Bayside for chili, the English Inn, Peninsula Players, look at properties to buy…

New – Rent a pontoon, eat at The Alpine, drive up around Gills Rock..


Sorry for the thumbprint in the upper right of the photo , an elderly man took our photo and he is not as skilled as most!

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